Mit den Hühnern schlafen gehen

Lise entdeckt in diesem Buch was es wirklich bedeutet mit den Hühnern schlafen zu gehen.

Für Eltern ist es eine wunderbare Hilfe die Kleinen mit Freude ins Bett zu bringen.

Wie Kraut und Rüben

Lise stellt sie vor wie es aussieht, wenn alles aussieht wie Kraut und Rüben.

Diese schöne Geschichte ist gleichzeitig eine schöne Anregung mit den Kindern zu kochen.

Die neue Version auf Englisch:

Für Euch hier schon mal als Liedtext:

"Go to bed with the Chickens"


Today Lisa and Mimi start their Holidays

at Aunt Mathilda`s Farm

Mama says that Aunt Mathilda

Goes To bed with the chickens.

Of course thinks Lisa,

I also go to bed with Mimi.


The reunion is a great joy for all…


Lisa and Mimi meet again their good old friends

Emma the cow, and pony Struppel.

They bring them delicious carrots and lettuce

That they happily and gratefully eat.


After Supper, Aunt Matilda backs

Some cookies and says to Lise:

"I `ll bring some cookies to Uncle Klaus

And I'll be back soon. If you want

You can go to bed with the chickens.

And laughing happily She goes out.


Lisa goes to the chicken coop,

All chickens are happy to see her.

She shares with them those tasty cookies

And They cluck cheerfully, while picking on those crumbs of biscuits

following Lisa to her room


Early in the morning,

as Aunt Matilda saw Lisa and Mimi

with all the chickens in bed,

She laughed so cheerfully

that chicken Elvira

Dropped down an egg.


During breakfast, Aunt Matilda tells Lisa

that going to bed with the chickens,

means that one goes to bed very early,

As soon as the sun goes down.

So do the Chickens to, they go to sleep

as soon as the sun sets down, and then

They wake up as soon as the sun rise in the Sky.

Now they both laugh happily

and the chickens cluck

gaily in chorus


Now we all know what it means wen we say

"Go to bed with the Chickens"

Copyright: Luis Artur dos Anjos Teixeira